#signupnow for adult learning

What more can we to encourage adults to sign up for courses this autumn? What will encourage people to enrol at times when fewer people are taking up part-time learning? Could we coax some potential students with a #signupnow hashtag on social media, reviving a campaign from the past and sharing some seductive reasons for taking part in adult learning?

sign up now

A 2013 Government Report: Benefits of Adult Education by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills found that after their courses:

  • 75% of learners felt they had a more defined career plan
  • 66% stated their quality of life had improved as a result
  • 72% percent of learners had made new friends or taken part in voluntary work
  • 80% had gained increased self-esteem, with many feeling enthusiastic about learning and their future.

These are strong and worthy arguments but are they catchy and engaging enough to persuade tentative students or the general public? Adult Learners’ Week showcases student’s compelling stories. It would be good to harness some of that positivity at this stage of the year and to spread the love for FE and adult learning.

Why should people #signupnow?

What would hook you in?

Who can influence people to take part?

There is a useful list of uk courses for adults here. Can we spread the message?