Quick lesson planning and evaluation

I found this link to a 5-minute lesson plan via @TeacherToolkit on Twitter. I’ve put it into a quick blog as it was popular with Twitter followers. (Social media is a great source of continuing professional development and sharing.) You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

Sample 5-minute lesson plan template

Sample 5-minute lesson plan template

The elements are:

Circle – The BIG picture?

Square – Objectives

Star – Engagement?

Cloud – ‘Stickability’,

Hexagons – AfL and Differentiation

Rectangles – Learning Episodes, each with the options of ‘Teacher Led or Student Led’

This example is for a Year 7 activity but it can be adapted easily for adult education. It’s especially useful that it includes a section on AfL (Assessment for Learning), which incorporates peer assessment in this example.

AfL with positive, relevant and ongoing feedback is vital for students’ progress and it’s important that each student understands their own progress and development throughout all stages of any adult education course.

There are many free resources like this available from the Times Educational Supplement at http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resources/. They tend to focus on school teaching but some resources can be modified for use in adult education. Ian McDaid has produced a complementary 5-minute lesson evaluation at  http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/5-Minute-Lesson-Evaluation-6306169. He kindly tweeted,”Please share it if you like it, and leave a review.  I’d love to see some completed examples if it worked.”

Mary Hunter wrote a guest blog here in October on Robert Gagne, Jerome Bruner and Howard Gardner, including some of the theory of assessment. Would anyone like to share any practical resources on lesson planning or assessment for adult learning – or to share the methods that they use?