A good deal of learning in store

WEA Tutor Kasia Webb’s recent report on the WEA’s West Midland Region’s website shows an imaginative and practical approach to teaching and learning. I’ve copied the text and photographs below.


In December the Spoken English group from Leigh Road School went on a trip to the local Tesco supermarket. Armed with a task sheet, learners organised themselves into small groups of 2 or 3 to find the answers to questions, based on finding items and working out prices and good deals.

Learners were very positive about their the day out and said they found it useful and interesting.

One learner said, “I enjoyed the trip and it helped me understand special offers”.

Another said, “Before I didn’t know what 3 for 2 meant”, and another said, “I now know how I can make savings when I go shopping and I learnt a lot of new words”.

Despite the rain learners really enjoyed the trip, and all were unanimous in the feedback: “We want to do another trip!”


Equality of understanding is a fairness issue and it’s good to see learning that is so relevant to people’s day-to-day lives, especially when personal and family budgets are tight for so many people. (Wonder if there’s a nearby Co-operative supermarket?)