FE and adult education cuts and cuttings

This blog features a small selection of headlines and links to articles about cuts in Further and Adult Education over the last 2 years.

The current round of cuts is on top of massive earlier budget reductions and will affect many people including the most vulnerable in society, marginalising them further and removing chances for self-improvement. It will also affect skilled, professional adult educators whose jobs will be at risk.

The #loveFE Save Adult Education campaign seems to be the main focus of campaigning. It has wide support from across the FE and Adult Education sectors.


There is also a “Don’t cut ESOL funding” petition on the 38 Degrees website here.

The headlines below are clickable links and show the scale of the crisis facing adult learning.

The skills we need now in Further and Adult Education include campaigning skills to encourage more people to join us in standing up for precious services.


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