Remembering Rex Russell

Rex Russell, a founding father of the WEA in North Lincolnshire, passed away yesterday aged 98. He has been described as one of the Association’s ‘greats’ who worked with some of the educational pioneers in adult learning from the early twentieth century.

Rex Russell and Ann Walker at the WEA Nettleton Branch's 50th Anniversary in 2005

Rex Russell and Ann Walker at the WEA Nettleton Branch’s 50th Anniversary in 2005

Rex was someone who made an impression. He had a compelling presence at events well after his ninetieth birthday, being erudite and witty as well as very knowledgeable. He was a prolific author, prodigious researcher and charismatic educator who encouraged many students in his role as Tutor Organiser.

This extract from the WEA Yorkshire and Humber Region’s 2009-10 Annual Review gives a flavour of Rex’s character and contribution.

Rex Russell

Rex’s funeral is on 30th December at Scunthorpe Crematorium at 12.40 pm.

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One Response to Remembering Rex Russell

  1. Dr Charles Rawding says:

    When I was a young researcher, looking at the Lincolnshire Wolds, Rex was an amazing mentor, providing wonderful guidance, never seeking to impose his own views, providing great support and offering unstinting support – I own him an immense debt. He was truly inspiring. I shall miss him.

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