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6 Responses to Adult Education, Citizenship, Democracy and Justice

  1. Pearl Ryall says:

    It sounds such a brilliant event with inspiring discussion. I really wish I had been able to make it. People might be interested in the WEA’s campaign page at http://www.wea.org.uk/campaign

  2. Ann Walker says:

    Thanks for flagging up the link Pearl. The event was right up your street!

    (Sorry it meant that some of us missed the tweet hour on the WEA manifesto though.)

  3. Andria Birch says:

    What a great sounding event – very sorry to miss it. I read a very interesting article by John Holford recently with a timeless quote from Raymond Williams taken from an open letter to WEA tutors in the early 1960s The WEA ‘has always stood for the principle that ordinary people should be highly educated, as an end justifying itself and not simply as a means to power’ … ‘The WEA stands for an educated democracy, not for a newly mobile and more varied Elite’. (Williams in Halford and Welikala). This seems more relevant now than ever.

  4. Ann Walker says:

    Thanks Andria. It is a great quote.

    The event excited a lot of interest and commitment to build on it. It has also engaged quite a few people who supported it but couldn’t attend.

  5. Jill Mann says:

    Thanks for this summary. It was a really fruitful event. I’m keen to be involved with any further discussions or actions following on from the event. The ideas around community learning champions appeal to me very much.
    Looking forward to further news.
    Best wishes

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