Celebrations at 101 Hinckley Road

I thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the WEA’s friendly centre at 101 Hinckley Road in Leicester last week to celebrate students’ achievements and the opening of their refurbished computer room.

It’s Older People’s Day today and worth noting that one student who received an award was 90 years old and still learning.

Here’s a link to the Centre’s blog about the day. You might like to look around their other pages and explore what goes on there.

It’s official – our newly refurbished computer room is open!.

About Ann Walker
Adult education and lifelong learning specialist and campaigner. LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1GI0QK1

2 Responses to Celebrations at 101 Hinckley Road

  1. Dave Boydon says:

    That’s my old manor!!! Loved working there in the mid-Nineties. Such a good ethos and fantastic warmth of 101 staff to all learners and tutors alike. Congratulations on new facility.

    • Ann Walker says:

      Thanks for the comment Dave. It was my first visit and you’re right about the warmth and friendliness. Everyone involved obviously cares about what they’re doing there.

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