10 blogs about adult education

There are many excellent blogs about education. Most of those that I’ve come across focus on teaching, learning and leadership in schools and there’s a lot to learn from them, but it’s good to find some that focus specifically on adult education, including part-time adult and community learning.

You can find a list of sample blogs from WEA colleagues in the right hand side bar of this blog if you scroll down the page on full screen versions or at the end of the text on smartphone formats. Some of the blogs are more active than others and they represent different aspects of our work – from tutor and branch blogs to payroll support. Many are informal but ‘weaadulted‘ is Ruth Spellman’s official blog as our CEO.

Here are links to 10 other interesting blogs that are relevant to adult education. They’re listed in alphabetical order of their authors and are all UK-focused unless stated otherwise.

  1. The Learning Professor – John Field is an academic interested in lifelong learning.
  2. Education Post 2015 ICAE – The International Council for Adult Education.
  3. Stuffaliknows – Alison Iredale is a teacher educator working at Oldham College as Centre Manager for the PGCE / CertEd (Lifelong Learning).
  4. JISC Regional Support Centres – (formerly Joint Information Systems Committee) Supports the use of digital technologies in UK education and research.
  5. teachnorthern – Lou Mycroft is a teacher educator, working at The Northern College, Barnsley. This blog links to a ‘Community of Praxis’ and ‘Teachdifferent’.
  6. More, Different, Better – A multi-authored blog from NIACE, the National Institute of Adult and Continuing Education.
  7. Working in Adult Literacy – Kate Nonesuch has worked in adult literacy and numeracy for more than twenty-five years, most of that time at Vancouver Island University. (Canadian).
  8. Sam Shepherd’s Blog – Sam is an ESOL tutor and teacher trainer.
  9. The Learning Age – Paul Stanistreet is a journalist who edits Adults Learning, a quarterly magazine for people working in adult education.
  10. Union Learning Voices – The unionlearn blog.

I’ll write a future post listing more blogs about education that are relevant to adult educators but not written directly from, or for, the sector.

Apologies if I’ve missed your personal blog or your favourite adult education blog. Please let me know. I’d appreciate your comments, suggestions and additions.


The following blogs have also been recommended via comments on Twitter:

Carol Goody – Carol is an Adult Literacies & ESOL Worker in Community Learning and Development with a local authority in Scotland.

Improvisation Blog by Mark Johnson, suggested by Alison Iredale.

http://azumahcarol.wordpress.com/ by Dr Carol Azumah Dennis, a researcher, writer & teacher.

I’ll add more if people send me links.

About Ann Walker
Adult education and lifelong learning specialist and campaigner. LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1GI0QK1

11 Responses to 10 blogs about adult education

  1. southernwea says:

    Good signposting, Ann. I really think the WEA should have a Senior Management Team-level multi-authored blog to bring the voices of WEA leadership together in one place.

  2. Thanks for this list, Ann. I’ll enjoy checking out the blogs you’ve noted. And thanks for including my blog–it’s an honour.

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  4. Emily Chan says:

    Thanks for the great info Ann, these blogs would be good for adult education providers from Australia as well. Australia government introduced a lot of work related certificates can be done online. One example is RSA ( Responsible Service Of Alcohol). So many course providers but different price and quality according to http://www.rsaonlineguide.com.au. I think the government should come up with a policy to make sure the adult course quality is consistent.

  5. azumahcarol says:

    Thanks for this listing – for including mine and or the pointers to other like minded bloggers. I’d love to claim credit for the idea that decortes my blog of ‘research as formalised curiosity’ but that must go to one of my heroines, Zora Neale Hurston, ethnographer, folklorist and author of the 1950s #loveWriting #loveHE #loveSharingIdeas

  6. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing. It is great resource for everyone.

  7. wow thank you for sharing this list of education blog I hope more should see and read this blog because of the broad information shared here. also must check the blog in list that can help and use for other

  8. Ada James says:

    Thanks for sharing this great list!

  9. Mia says:

    This blog list will benefit a lot of training organisations in Australia.

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