Remembering Eddie Conway

Very sadly, I’m writing this to coincide with Eddie Conway’s funeral at Failsworth Jewish Cemetery in Manchester. In keeping with the traditions of the Jewish faith, Eddie’s funeral is taking place this afternoon following his death yesterday after a short illness. Like many of his friends in the WEA I’m unable to be there at short notice but want to mark his passing and to pay my respects to someone who played such a significant part in the WEA’s life through many years of service and support.


Our colleague Greg Coyne wrote the following tribute to Eddie this morning as he shared the sad news:

Eddie worked for the WEA in the North Western District in his early career and subsequently became a lifelong supporter and stalwart of the Association.  He served in many capacities holding representative and officer positions in the Cheshire, Merseyside, and West Lancashire District, in the North West Region, in the National Association and internationally in IFWEA. Latterly he served as the Association’s Vice President before returning to serve a final term on the North West Regional committee. He stood down from that position at the last AGM.

To me he was a strong supporter, a friend and comrade. I along with many of you, I am sure, will miss him greatly.

May he Rest In Peace.

Eddie was a lovely, genuine man with a strong social conscience and a warm, self-deprecating sense of humour. He embodied the WEA’s core values. We will indeed miss him and send sincere sympathy to his family.

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6 Responses to Remembering Eddie Conway

  1. Cheryl Hassan says:

    My condolences to you all!

    Cheryl (Ontario, Canada)

  2. Frank Gent says:

    I wish his family a long life.

  3. Julie Ballantyne says:

    I’ve not been working long enough in North West WEA to know Eddie personally, but I feel really sorry and sad that I never got a chance to work with someone for whom I have heard nothing but praise and appreciation – for him and for what he did for, and with WEA. For that, I’m very grateful – thank you

  4. Ann Walker says:

    Eddie would have been very touched to know about the number of people in the WEA emailing to say that they paused collectively or individually to remember him today.

  5. Ann Walker says:

    Lynne Smith, WEA Deputy President, has asked me to add the following comment on her behalf as she has had technical difficulties in replying:

    “I’m very sad to hear of Eddie’s passing and want to pay my respects as well.

    I have such warm memories of Eddie and his help and friendship when I made my launch into Trusteeship. I will always think of him fondly when I hear some good jazz. He gave such a lot to the WEA. We loved him for that and for who he was.

    RIP Eddie.”

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