Obituary – Eric Frith

Warm tributes are being paid to Eric Frith, a committed and active volunteer for the Workers’ Educational Association. Eric, who was the Chair of our Walthamstow Branch, died on Christmas Day at the age of 90.

Eric Frith

Eric Frith

Eric and his late wife Elise had wide-ranging interests and were very well-known in their community. They first started to organise courses at what is now the Adult Education Centre in Greenleaf Road, Walthamstow in the 1960s. Eric and Elise founded the Walthamstow branch of the WEA in 2005 to make sure that courses could still run at the Centre after the original service changed. He and his wife were over 80 years old when they took on this challenge.

He served as the Branch Chair and continued to do so after Elise died in 2010 at the age of 88. He chaired an active committee which meets regularly for typical WEA Branch activities such as planning and reviewing courses, approving finances, organising social and educational events and liaising with others in the WEA as well as partner organisations. Eric’s many interests included theatre, history and local developments. These were reflected in recent Branch visits to the Globe Theatre, the British Library and the National Theatre. 30 Branch members and friends also took a guided tour of the Olympic Park during its development and were able to see the velodrome, aquatics centre, the press centre and main stadium being built.

Walthamstow WEA colleague Joan Carder said: “Eric and Elise embodied the ideals of the WEA, and the Branch will not be the same without them”.

Eric was a keen campaigner for the protection of Epping Forest and the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow. He also supported drama productions across the area, preparing and playing music and sound effects for hundreds of performances.

Eric’s funeral will be held on Wednesday, January 16, at 11.45am at the City of London Crematorium.

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