Tweeters against hate crime – take action today

Two events are coinciding on 15 November.

  • Police Crime Commissioners will be elected to the 41 policing areas in England and Wales.
  • The WEA’s Open Door Group will be attending the TES FE Awards ceremony as finalists for the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community’Award.

Adults with a learning disability formed the Open Door Group and talked very openly in a video about how hate crime has affected them. You can watch the video, which features advice from MENCAP on what do if you are the victim of hate crime at: It is shocking and moving. The abuse survivors are taking action themselves to deal with the issues and using the video as part of a training scheme. There’s an earlier blog about them at:

Please watch the video if you haven’t done so and then take just a couple of minutes to show your support today or tomorrow.

How can you help to stop hate crime?

My Life My Choice, a learning disability self-help organisation based in Oxfordshire, has set up a ‘Thunderclap’ social media campaign so that we can let newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners know that hate crime against people with a learning disability is a priority.

People who sign up for the Thunderclap will send the same tweet simultaneously to draw attention to the issue

The link is at:

People with learning disabilities are taking action themselves.

Let’s show them our support.

Please sign up now.

About Ann Walker
Adult education and lifelong learning specialist and campaigner. LinkedIn:

2 Responses to Tweeters against hate crime – take action today

  1. Lynne Smith says:

    I have watched the Open Door video a few times and have been so moved and appalled by the experiences of the group. A very powerful piece-a testament to the strength and resilience of the abused and to those who want to assist and empower.A very humbling insight to the cruelty of life and the grit of those to overcome.Good luck at the awards-it has my vote!

  2. This is such an important project, and worthy of both the award and the attention of as many people as possible. Thanks for sharing it Ann. Having worked with adults with learning disabilities, you begin to have an insight into some of the trials and tribulations experienced, but also their aspirations and achievements. I hope this powerful message about the personal experiences of hate crime victims succeeds at the awards, and is successful in having a profound impact on how people perceive and treat others. It is certainly important to raise the profile of this nature of hate crime on the eve of the Police Crime Commissioner Elections.

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